Meher Rest

"Stay with us"

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Oregon Sahavas

Meher Rest

special guests

Charles Haynes

July 14-16

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Calendar of Events

Sahavas Planning Meeting - Saturday, May 20th, 10am, at Rosewoods Meher Rest. It's getting exciting! Join us in planning our summer sahavas with Charles Haynes and Christopher Wilson. Contact Ron at 503-706-8124 for questions.

Baba's 123rd Birthday Celebration - Saturday, February 25, 2pm at Malini Jayaraman's home. For the first couple of hours we will have music, stories and readings to share, then we will have dinner and dessert. Malini will provide the main entree, tea, and cake and we can bring salads, side dishes, and appetizers. Most important, come with your glad heart in remembrance of the One who loves us more than we know. Call Malini at 503-598-8460 for questions.

Arti Meetings on the last Sunday of every month at 2pm
All are welcome for Arti prayers, talks and readings on the Divine Theme.
Contact Ron Lansing at 503-706-8124.

Dhuni Fire Gatherings on the 12th day of every month at 7pm
Come to share with us around the dhuni fire with music and conversation.
Contact Ron Lansing at 503-706-8124.

Meetings in Corvallis every Friday morning at 9am
Please call ahead in case the meeting is cancelled (541) 908-2384.

Meetings in Silverton Occasional meetings, locations and times vary.
Contact Betty Lowman (503) 873-0415.

Meetings in Seattle, WA every Sunday at 3pm
Locations vary. Call Judy Robertson (206) 365-8024.